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WebUtils is a project to make great apps for the mobile web.

Currently, the mobile app ecosystem is dominated by native. Android and iOS (and a few other people) are busy pushing developers to their own IDEs, runtimes, and in some cases, languages (cough Swift).

But it doesn't have to be this way. Web technology not only runs everywhere (and works pretty much everywhere) but it is now possible to build pretty much fully-fledged mobile apps that run in device's web browsers, and get a native experience.

However, until now, there has been a general trend to build native (even if you already have a web app or mobile-capable web app) for whatever reason. This project aims to change that: by providing guidance, tooling, examples and a community around building apps designed for mobile web browsers.

Browsers on mobile devices are up to it, so let's get busy!

Give me mobile apps!

We have a convenient list of all the user-contributed mobile web apps affiliated with the WebUtils project which you can see what we have already.

I don't see what I need!

Use the Github Issues on the Platform project (here) to request new apps. Please provide some content to your suggestion, so it can form the basis of a spec if your idea is picked up! Please also prefix the title with "Request: " and tag it "request-app" so we can find it more easily.

How can I contribute?

We're always looking for people to build new apps!

We have constructed the WebUtils Platform project to help you along, if you would like to use it. It contains a quickstart and various guides and bits and pieces to help developers build mobile web apps more efficiently.

You don't need to use the WebUtils platform to build your own app. But it's cool if you do! We're here as a helping hand to kick-start things a bit. If you prefer to do something different then do so by all means. Leave a note on the wiki to let us know you have built something cool!

There is a "quickstart" directory in this project you can use as a template, if you wish. If you would like to use Bootstrap too, then I have previously used this cut-down configuration to help with things like buttons and other common reusable components.

If you have any questions about WebUtils, use the #WebUtils hashtag on Google+ (or Twitter, if it's short!) to ask a question. We'll be happy to help! If you have an issue to report with a specific application, please use that project's bug reporting mechanism (usually Github Issues) to report it to them directly.

Of course, there are also a ton of example apps so you can see how others have done it before. Check them out on the wiki.